more like the Delicatessen opening credits
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I'm looking for sequences like the opening credits of Delicatessen where the camera flies through a collection of objects to focus on specific tidbits of information. I'd like to see anything done in this style, not just credits sequences. Thank you!
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The Dexter opening credits might qualify.
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Masterpiece Theater opening
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Lord of War
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Also to a lesser extent Caprica and The Simpsons for that matter.
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"School of Rock" had the opening credits appear on concert flyers inside a rock club I seem to recall.
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Are you interested in the "flying" or the "tidbits of information"? The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman had credits integrated into objects, but not really flying.
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Art of the Title mentions this one from Durval Discos.
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The opening credits of Murder by Death feature a Charles Addams drawing of the cast, each of whom get a close-up when their name appears.
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I believe there was one of these in "Children of Men" not in the credits but later, introducing the Michael Caine's character and his wife.
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The opening credits to Sahara.
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Rash, your mention of Children of Men made me think of Rear Window's opening sequence
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The opening credits to Banlieu 13, maybe?
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Back To The Future
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Bunny and the Bull
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