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Help me write a thank you note to my dentist, please?

My dentist - her whole office actually - literally changed my life with the excellent work they did over an extended period of time. Not only did they fix my teeth so they look better than they ever did, but they also treated me like a human being... an individual... and took exceptional care of me because I have a HUGE dental phobia. I feel like family there. And they are very genuine, sincere, not phoney "professional nice" if you know what I mean.

So, how do I word a heartfelt thank you note that doesn't sound like something out of a greeting card?
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I think you just wrote the card!
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Dear [Dentist],

I'm writing to tell you that you and your office literally changed my life with the excellent work you did over [extended period of time.] Not only did you fix my teeth so that they look better than they ever did, but you treated me like a human being, an individual. You took exceptional care of me in consideration of my huge dental phobia. I feel like family at your office. Everyone was very genuine, sincere, and not merely "nice" in a professional way.

My heartfelt thanks to you,

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My uncle is a dentist. His office (both at work and at home) is littered (in a good way) with thank you notes from kids, parents, and adults (and even a zookeeper from that one time he consulted on a tiger's cavity). In idle waiting-for-him-to-finish-up-with-something mode, I've read a lot of them. It really doesn't matter what you write. I know he and his staff cherish all the letters they get. Just be sincere. If you can name anyone by name, then all the better.
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I once found a book on dentistry from the turn of the century (1899-1900), and inscribed that, as a thank you token for some excellent work.

The book was horrifying.
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I don't understand these questions that ask how to say [lengthy draft of exactly what you want to say]. You just said it!

Also, it seems to be thank-your-dentist week on Askme. You might get some good ideas in that thread.
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Drop off a basket of goodies, with the note. Or send the office a gift certificate good for lunch, if you're feeling rich.
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The short answer would be to just write from the heart, and sometimes that does come out sounding like a greeting card, but I guess what makes it different is that it's personal. Adding specifics can help with that. Certainly handwriting a note makes it more heartfelt. You could even try going and thanking the dentist/office in person, verbally, face-to-face. It would be easy to tell in that case that you are truly grateful.
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Nthing the sincere note, and as mentioned in the other thread, give them plenty of referrals.
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As others have said, the feelings expressed in your post pretty much make up the wording of a very warm, sincere "thank you" note. And, as also mentioned, you might add in your note that you will be referring friends and family. Then do it. I used to have a great dentist - I actually didn't know he was "great", I'd been seeing him since I was two years old and never had a bad experience and as a result never feared the dentist. It surprised me as an adult whenever I met a co-worker who was terrified of the dentist and would rather go to a gynecologist/proctologist for a pelvic/rectal exam before they'd go to a dentist. I gave my dentist's name to many people over the years without thinking much about it, but it turned out that a lot of those folks did go to see him, and kept going back. My dentist even sent me a nice "thank you" gift a couple of times because I'd referred someone to him. So that's probably the best way you can thank your dentist - send her more patients!
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Response by poster: Great suggestions, thanks everyone!
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