Amazon gift return complications
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Amazon gift returns: Several questions. If the buyer (gift giver) did not mark the item as a gift at the original purchase time, how long does the gift recipient have to return the item, as long as they tell Amazon it was a gift at the time of return? Also, does a gift recipient need to pay return shipping? One more... if there was an Amazon shipping label created to return a specific item from an order -- but that label is never used -- can a different person later then create another shipping label & return the item for a refund?

Before anyone tells me to call Amazon: I already spent close to an hour on the phone & in chat with Amazon themselves this morning on this. It was MADDENING. The offshore call reps didn't understand what I was asking, I asked to be transferred to supervisor in the US, was on hold forever... ugh.

Anyway. That's why I'm here; in case any of you fine Mefites would know these things. My long boring story: I ordered several items as a gift for a baby shower this weekend. Items show up with some other dude's packing slip (not even my items on the packing slip). So I call Amazon to ask if they can email me a packing slip for my order and btw, it's a gift so it needs to not have prices on it. Amazon says no way, they can't email a packing slip and oh, the order is not marked as gift in their system. Aargh! But I *know* I DID mark each item as a gift at the time of order, and for some reason the gift designation did not go through. This is when I want to talk to a supervisor - to see if someone in authority can go in & retroactively mark my stuff as a gift so my recipient won’t have any problems returning stuff. Rep puts me on hold for 20 minutes (twice, after the rep tries to argue with me), I couldn't stay on the phone and had to hang up.

So... I thought "well maybe I can just print an invoice for my recipient and white-out the prices." No biggy right? So then I do a dumb thing to “test” the gift return process – I go in thru my spouse’s account and pretend to return one of the gift items by using the order number (so I can see if my recipient will have any problems later). No problems… except the system created a return shipping label for this item.
Now… if my real recipient tries to return that item… will they have a problem because a return label was created by someone else… even if the “fake” person never returns the item?

I abhor the thought of calling Amazon back to ask these questions. I've already read all the return & gift policies on Amazon thoroughly -- no answers found. Please hope me Mefi!
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I don't think the return label matters unless someone actually uses it.

The gift recipient only gets 30 days to return from the day you received it at your house.
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Best answer: If you include the return shipping label and she uses it, the refund will be sent to the email you used when you created it.

But she can create her own shipping label with her email address, just make sure to include the order ID with the gift.

Also, gifts can be returned and the refund sent to the receiver even if the purchaser didn't mark it as a gift. And no-one, not even people in authority, can go in and change gift options after the order has shipped.
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Response by poster: Well after a couple more chat sessions with Amazon (no way I was using the phone again, that was a disaster!), I finally have the answers.

- For baby items & baby clothes: there is actually a 365 day window to return for refund. (Normal items are only 30 days)

- If someone is returning a gifted item, as long as they indicate it's a gift at the time of return then they don't need to pay shipping

- Even though I mistakenly created a return-shipping label, I can disregard that and my gift recipient can still create her own label to return items. My bonehead label won't affect her return process. So yay.

So I typed up my own "gift receipt" with the order number, item descriptions and no prices to give with the gift. As long as the recipient has the order # she should be golden. As to the grand mystery of why my order did not get processed as a gift even though I clearly and deliberately checked all the boxes saying it was.... that answer is lost to the mists of the intranets. Thanks Mefites for the feedback. :-)
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