How to save scan doc. on ipad/iphone?
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Is there an app for the iphone and ipad that will let me store all my scanned documents? Thanks
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You can store all types of files in Dropbox. Dropbox loves all files...
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I store documents on google documents. Then I created an icon for google docs on my screen. For the docs that I use a lot, I temporarily create an icon on the screen to go straight to that doc.

It works well for me.
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I use both Dropbox and Evernote for this purpose. I believe there are ways to automatically import all scanned documents into Evernote, but Dropbox doesn't have a limit on how much you can sync per month (just an upper limit on storage).
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Are they pdfs? Any ebook reader will do it..
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I keep a directory in my dropbox of all important scanned docs. Id's, etc. With the dropbox app on my phone and ipad I have it where I need them.
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Dropbox is easy and over the air, but I don't think they're stored on your phone.

If they're images, I'd probably just keep them in Photos.

Make a folder called iPhone Photos (or whatever.) Within iTunes, go to your iPhone, then set your images to sync to that folder. Then whatever images you drop in there get synced to your phone. Make sub-folders within iPhone Photos to get different folders in Photos.

If they're PDFs, you can transfer them into iBooks or Stanza within iTunes.
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Good reader is a $0.99, I think. It Can view a variety of document types, including PDFs, allows annotations of PDFs and can read, write and sync with dropbox, iDisk,, WebDAV, FTP servers and others.
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I don't quite understand what sort of documents you're talking about or what you want to do with them, but iAnnotate is pretty good if you need to annotate PDFs. It's got good dropbox support, too.

I use it to grade student-submitted papers. It works pretty well.
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Is this going to be primary storage for you, or secondary?
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Dropbox if you only need access with a network connection. Dropbox caches but you can't control what's in the cache, so it's not guaranteed when your device is in airplane mode.

If you need access when offline, use a PDF reader. GoodReader is particularly good.
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JotNot Pro is quite nice. It also allows you to take a photo of a document with the iphone camera, cleans and sharpens it, and converts it to PDF, all in one swell foop!
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I'd echo people who have suggested Evernote. It might be overkill if you don't need to organize the PDFs, but I really like the categorization and tagging functions for helping me to find the random stuff I've accumulated and want to remove from my HD.
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Evernote FTW - I keep EVERYTHING in there.
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If they're jpegs and you'd like to arrange them in "books" for viewing, you could use a comic book viewer like Comic Zeal or Stanza.

You select a bunch of jpgs and compress them as a zip or rar. Then you change the resulting file's suffix from .zip to .cbz (or .rar to .cbr). You drag the file to the app's document window in iTunes and it gets imported to the app's library on the ipad.

I find the image quality is better than the slightly blocky, compressed images that result when I use OS X's default "save as pdf" capabilities for reading in iBooks. Stanza will allow you to make multiple, named bookmarks. You can't annotate documents in either.
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