how do I incorporate live video into a powerpoint presentation?
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Is there any way to incorporate live video into a powerpoint presentation?

I will be giving a Powerpoint-assisted talk next week, and would like, if possible, to show the audience a live image of themselves embedded in a powerpoint slide. Is this possible? Googling hasn't turned up much.

Ideally, I'd use my computer's built-in webcam, but it'll be facing me, not the audience, so I'll need some other source. It needn't be high-quality - the audience needs to realize that it's them in the image, but needn't notice any specific details.

The other major issue is of course a software one: I have no idea if/how I can get a live feed to play in Powerpoint, a program I rarely use and don't much like.

Oh, and I'm not sure this is relevant, but I'd like the live video image to share space in a single Powerpoint slide with a single still image. Will this complicate matters?
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Maybe this - Live Video in PowerPoint?
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I should have added: I'll be using a Mac.
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