Help Me Escape Craigslist Purgatory
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I'm having endless amounts of trouble posting a job offering on Craigslist. The job is real and legitimate (I just posted it on MeFi jobs too) but for the past few weeks every-time I try to put it up though my post does indeed goes live it doesn't show up in the feed and I get no responses. Why is this happening? How do I get around it?

Just to reiterate: the post isn't flagged or removed, it just doesn't ever appear on the site. I can see it, but nobody else can.

I posted in the Craigslist help forums and was ignored. I wrote to the CL help email and got no response. At this point I need to just figure out myself how to get around whatever issue is going on with my posts.

I am posting for a job that is far away from where I live. It could be that they are sending my posts to purgatory because my IP address doesn't match the local one? Can I somehow set my address to seem like I'm posting locally? Could someone who lived there post it for me?
I have tried different email addresses as well. So it's not just my email they've blocked.

Has anyone had similar issues with a legitimate posting being ghosted like this? Is this as dumb a problem as it seems to me? Why would they not want me to post great jobs for folks to apply to while spammy work-from-home scams get through?

Thanks in advance!
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Hahaha yes. It is called 'ghosting' and in my case it had to do with the IP address I was posting from being too far out of the geographical area. The way I worked around it was by using my phone, (since the IP address was 500 miles from the city I was trying to post to, and my cell carrier was 200 miles).

Only suggestion is to get a friend or mefite in the city of choice to post the ad for you. Good luck ... it was verrrry frustrating trying to figure out wtf was going on.
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Are you getting the "Your craigslist posting ..." confirmation email after you submit your post?
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Yes I'm getting the confirmation and hitting post. It sounds like Ghosting is the answer, thanks Rube. My phone isn't going to work. Any other technical solutions to how I can appear to be posting from a closer IP address?
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Why would they not want me to post great jobs for folks to apply to while spammy work-from-home scams get through?

Well, if they're blocking based on geo-ip, it's because many, many job firms post regional jobs in every frikkin' forum in the country, clogging up ostensibly local forums with spam. And Craigslist implemented a simple way to block most of this without requiring anyone on staff to take manual action.

And so Craigslist, with a handful of employees, can offer fairly high quality listings.
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Could someone who lived there post it for me?

Yes. If you have this option, this is the solution.
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It was indeed simply distance. I bet if I was smart enough to post remotely from a local IP address I wouldn't have to drive 400 miles to use an internet service.

Anyway, thanks for the help!
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