What can I attach to my hose to send water 40-50 feet away?
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What can I attach to my hose to send water 40-50 feet away?

I need to water something 40-50 feet from where I can stand.
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a very long pole.
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Best answer: This should do it nicely (depending on your water pressure): Tapered hose nozzle.
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Your thumb.
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50 feet is a very long way. I would suggest a 25' hose and then some kind of nozzle.
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Response by poster: Long pole would be too heavy (because of holding it up, above the level of my shoulders). Also, I have that issue where I do not pay attention to the end of the long pole (or shovel or rake or whatever) and if anyone is nearby, well...

Thumb did not work for the distance (also I could not do that for long enough for my purpose).

Thank you for the nozzle suggestions! Awesome. :)
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I own a "cheaper" fire hose nozzle (actually 3) and it most definitely does not have anything remotely close to the claimed 40' range. I'd hesitate to recommend one.
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The larger the inside diameter through which the water travels, the more water you'll have coming out the end. The water isn't being restricted as much. You can get garden hoses with an inside diameter of 3/4 inches but if the water is travelling through a 1/2 inch hose (or pipe) beforehand, that extra 1/4 inches won't be doing any good. You didn't say what you needed it for and I won't even hesitate a guess, but if you raise the height of the point from where the water is released, you'll also get water travelling further. Like if it was attached to the top of ladder or something similar. Or even raise the nozzle over your head. The higher the better up to a certain point. I have a pressure washer and have taken the spray nozzle off and gotten a lot of distance that way through the small exit hole. But the size of the stream is smaller too. But I'm guessing it was at least 50 feet, probably more. Of course raising the angle from where the water leaves it s source makes a difference too.
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Just how many kids do you want to get off your lawn?
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1. the best nozzle you can find
2. large diameter hose
3. be sure nothing is restricting the flow of water to the hose (do you have a pressure reducer in your plumbing? any valves only partly open?)
4. if all else fails, a water pump will give you the pressure you need

alternatively, just run some plastic pipe along the ground to the location and send the water thru it
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