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I remember seeing part of a movie (it could have been a TV show) involving a female hospital patient killed by a man posing as a doctor. Do you know which movie this is?

The man wore blue scrubs and handed a nurse a syringe with more morphine than the patient needed. After saying "hmm, this is too much..", the nurse gives the patient the morphine. The patient is also wearing blue and is found dead when other doctors run in. I recall that the man really was attempting to murder the woman. Do you know what movie this could be from?
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Maybe Criminal Minds? I think they had something along those lines at one point....
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Telefon turns that around. A woman infiltrates a hospital and gives a deliberate overdose to a man in a hospital bed.
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There was a lot of that in The Hospital (1971) starring George C. Scott and Diana Rigg, a great black comedy.
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