How do spas scent their air?
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What machines/types of aromatics do spas use to make the entire facility smell pleasant and relaxing?

I'm trying to figure out how to make my (approx 800 sq ft) apartment smell like and have the air quality of a spa all the time. So far, I've found a couple of machines that appear to work like an air filter (sucking in air and pumping it back out, scented), as well as a cool-mist humidifier to which I could add fragrance oils and have it spray/evaporate the scented water into the air during the day.

Are either of these methods likely to scent an apartment of this size? Has anyone tried these or other methods? Anyone work in a spa environment and know what they use to do this? Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: I've noticed a couple of NYC spas burning red flower candles, which are pricey but intensely awesome without being overwhelming. My fave is the blood orange. The smell fills my 650 sq ft apartment pretty well.
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Is it possible that you're just picking up the cumulative scent of the aromatic lotions they've used that day and earlier?
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Best answer: Eucalyptus. It's that fresh smell you smell in the spa. And it's usually the smell inside the spa's steam room.
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Best answer: just a note: if you go with a vaporizor/essential oil combo, essential oils can irritate the sinuses. I know plent of massage therapists with stories of chronic sinus stuff from constant exposure to the oils in spas.
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