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Any good recommendations en route from Richmond, VA to Big South Fork, TN? Or Big South Fork to Morgantown, WV?

Hey Guys! I am meetings some friends for a long weekend of backpacking next weekend (April 16th). I'll be starting my drive solo after work Friday and would like to stop someplace for dinner and stop about 2 hours away from Big South Fork to rest up, stay the night, and leave quickly and early for the final leg of the drive early Saturday. I'm meeting friends at the trailhead ready to head out on the trail early Saturday. Any recommendations for stops on the way there?

After camping, I'll be heading from BSF to Morgantown, WV and can travel leisurely and spend a day or so seeing little towns, shops, or sights along the way. Any recommendations?

If it matters, I'm a solo traveler and a lady, late-ish twenties. I like nerdy things, thrift stores and flea markets, great music shops, good sandwiches, good veggie/vegan food (though I eat everything), and cheesy/funny photo opportunities.

Thanks, guys!
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All your cheesy photo ops can be had at Foamhenge and surrounding weird tourist destinations. It's in Natural Bridge, just off I-81.
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Best answer: The RoadsideAmerica maps for West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee might be some help.
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If Foamhenge is on your route, I can't Nth it enough. And don't miss the same artist's work of large fiberglass sculptures of dinosaurs fighting for the Confederacy (not an exaggeration).
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Best answer: My father used to drive 500 miles just to go to this French restaurant in frost burg Maryland. Just a hop skip and a jump dorm morgantown
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Best answer: Foamhenge is worth the trip. You might also like Dinosaur Kingdom, also in Natural Bridge.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recs for foamhenge! I had never heard of it. And THANK YOU for the RoadsideAmerica maps, Orb2069! I had never heard of that, either!
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