magic realism in film (south america)
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I am trying to find a South American or Latin American film that we watched when I was in college in the 80s. It was described by the professor as being an example of "magic realism" in film. The scene I remember was of an orchard with trees in bloom and the flowers all turned into butterflies. It was NOT an animated film. Any help greatly appreciated!
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El Norte
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My other half suggests it might be a film by the Spanish director Almodovar, who "makes really surreal films".
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Definitely not Almodóvar; I know his work really well and there is no scene like that.
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Based on info I got here.
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I first thought of the books-subsequently-made-into-movies "The House of the Spirits" (but it looks like it was made in the 90s), and "In the Time of the Butterflies" (but it looks like it was made in 2001.) I haven't seen either film, but I know Allende is associated with magical realism, and the other one obviously has something to do with butterflies. If you're sure about the time frame, then it sounds like my ideas are going to be of no help.
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Response by poster: thanks stewriffic--i think it probably IS erendira--there is even a butterfly in the movie poster---i will check it out & get back to this list.
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