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What fun design-related things can I do in New York City this July?

Will be in New York City for a month or so during the upcoming July/August. What fun and/or educative graphic design-related things can I do there?

By things, I mean:
* Workshops
* Short, intensive courses (up to a month or so in duration)
* Tours
* Shows/museum openings, etc.

My areas of interests in design are interaction and information design, procedural/generative art, and typography. Suggestions don't have to be strictly in those areas, though. I consider myself somewhere between beginner and intermediate in the spectrum of design proficiency.
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3rd Ward in Brooklyn offers many classes.
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Best answer: MAD Museum has some great exhibits opening this summer. July/Aug isn't great for museum openings as it's peek vacation time. Suggest you also look at Time Out New York's listings for the time period you're here.

This somewhat dovetails with my professional capacity so MeMail me if you need any additional info.
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Best answer: Keep an eye on eyebeam and their schedule.
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Try the Brooklyn Brainery.
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Best answer: Definitely check out the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum.
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NYC Resistor has free Craft Night on Thursdays, and they like to fire up the Lazzzor on Monday nights.
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