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Where can I find great examples of resumes / cv's? I will be pursuing a new job in the next 6 months and would like to polish up my resume now. I think my resume is pretty good, but I would like to look at some different approaches to brainstorm how I may tighten it up. I am a I.T. project manager if that helps. My Google-Fu is turning up sites with resumes templates that are, ummmm, a lot worse than my existing resume. Any general tips would be much appreciated as well, but I am more interested in format, structure, and wording. Help me find example resumes that jump off a recruiter's desk!
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I love the templates at emurse. It's also really easy to use.
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An Inside Look at an Advanced Project Managers Resume
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If you search Flickr for "resume" you'll find lots of examples for inspiration, plus plenty examples of what not to do.
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This book had a lot of excellent examples. It helped me and my husband and we are in completely opposite fields.
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The 5 O'Clock Club has a great book on resume writing.
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