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Around a year and a half ago, it was rumored that Larry Wachowski (co-creator of "The Matrix") was to undergo a sex change operation. Did anything ever come of this?

I tried Googling it, but was only able to find the original story, with no follow-up.
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He's still referred to as Larry in this April 14, 2005 interview. When asked if he'll be playing the new Matrix MMORPG he replies "you might try asking the goth-chick what vis-à-vis really means", so maybe he found a way to explore his female side without the nip/tuck...

The last mentions of the "Linda" rumors were around this time last year... via Rush & Molloy on Defamer. I'm curious to see if there are any Hollyweird folks with more insight...
("I was at Pace on Laurel Canyon on Saturday night and I so totally saw Larry/Lara/Linda Wachowski being whipped into shape by a chubby Paris Hilton, her on-again-off-again gal pal Nicole Richie, and some chick in black leather. Whatever diet Nicole is on Paris totally needs to like steal it, 'cause that girl is looking FAT!")
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Making the transition can be a long process. Even if Larry's friends were telling reporters a year ago he was "ready" to have the operation, there are a number of good reasons it may not have happened yet. For instance, most reputable doctors require the person to live for at least a year as the preferred sex before undergoing sex reassignment surgery, which is apparently very painful. If you want to learn more, the Looking Glass Society has a good primer on male-to-female transsexualism.

togdon, I'm not sure how you can get any more "Hollyweird...insight" than gossip from "the estranged husband of an alleged Los Angeles dominatrix." :)

Oh, and xmutex, please stay out of AskMe threads you have no intention of answering except with dismissive jokes. The fact that the rest of the world can't seem to discuss things like this without giggling doesn't mean you have to drag (so to speak) that kind of crap here, a place that's supposed to be helpful. Thanks.
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Check the wikipedia discussion page. There is some talk about this subject.
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