Something peed in my sneakers.
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Can my beloved sneakers be saved from the uriney menace?

Is there some way I can thoroughly wash my pair of New Balance 817s which have been drenched with some kind of animal urine? I'm fairly sure it wasn't my cat (completely unlike him. He's never peed anywhere but the litterbox, except for times where he was pointed the wrong way. And I never leave my shoes anywhere near the litterbox). I think it happened while shoveling during a sleet storm several weeks ago. My feet were soaked by the time I was done, and I suspect some of the slush contained creature pee.

I've washed the surfaces, but there is still significant odor coming from inside (even with the pad removed). I imagine they will require a significant soak or even a throw in the washing machine, but I'n not sure if I will ruin them. These are my beloved sneakers because they are the only shoes I can walk long distances in because of my bunions and various other foot sensitivities, and my overstuffed, winterized body is desperate for some exercise. Replacing them is not an option at the moment.
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Try Nature's Miracle or another product designed to get pet odors out of carpet. Spot test on an inconspicuous area first.
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Best answer: Zip them up in a pillow liner and throw them in the washing machine, no worries. I do this to my NBs all the time when summer socklessness takes its inevitable stanky toll. You can pretreat inside with a splash of tide or whatever first for extra stank. Ideally you should dry them all day in direct sunlight but a turn in the dryer on low heat (still zipped in the pillow liner) will also work.
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I have had success with white vinegar and baking soda in getting rid of cat urine stink.
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Also, smell test for peelessness before throwing them in the dryer, cause if they're still peestinky, the dryer will just bake that stink right into them.
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I have a cat pee odour remover that def works. Maybe do that a few times, then use foot powder religiously for a while. I had a crystal one that was good. I rescued some pairs from feety permastink.
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Best answer: I doubt it was pee. NB shoes are famous for smelling like pee after they get sloshy wet, either from the elements or from a crapton of sweat. I had two pairs that I can guarantee had never been peed in (unless it was my husband) and they both smelled like super stenchy cat pee. NB might replace your pait for free, definitely contact them - you might end up with a free pair and a peefree pair:)

"Well, the only time they were outside without my feet in them was after the big snow a few weeks back, and they sat out on the porch to dry. Porch is up on the 2nd floor so I figure a squirrel pee'd in them. " link

"How to get cat urine smell out of shoes??" link

"I have 3 pair of 811's, after 60 days of use they all smell like cat pee. New balance replaced first pair but the replacements did the samething." link

"I've had the same problem with every pair of 991s and 992s that I've bought. They get old, they get wet, then they smell like urine." link
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You can completely and totally throw those in the washing machine. I know that people also throw them in the dryer with impunity, but I just let them air dry.
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned that I tried all of the typical cat-pee removal methods, including Nature's Miracle.

Wow, thanks iconomy, that's amazing info. I'm going to call NB first thing tomorrow. Now I know why they were 60% off at the New Balance Factory Store that I purchased them from last year (which happens to be directly underneath NB Corporate HQ). According to what I've read, the formulation for the makeup of the shoe has been changed, so newer versions shouldn't exhibit the odor.

elizardbits - if NB doesn't replace them, I will definitely be using the pillow liner trick.
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