Snap-on shell case for MSI U230?
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Snap-on shell case for MSI U230?

I have an MSI Wind U230 netbook that I'd like to get a snap-on shell/case/cover for. Not a sleeve or carrying case, but something that snaps onto the netbook and always stays on. I've checked G2C, mCover and Hard Candy, but none of them seem to have cases that fit the U230. Is there anything out there that matches this description? Thanks!
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I had no luck either. Averse to a sleeve, eh? Perhaps something'll show up. Best.
posted by alexandermatheson at 2:13 AM on April 3, 2011

Response by poster: No, I already have a sleeve. I'd just like to get something that will protect the netbook all the times when it's not in the sleeve. Thanks.
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