What was this magazine?
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Looking for a magazine issue from the late 90s. Don't remember name or date. Scant details of the cover follow.

When I was younger, I remember more than once going to the doctor's office and seeing a magazine in a stack that had this really awesome cover. Every time I was there I would always look for it or ask my mom to get it for me.

All I remember is that the cover had pink, blue, and green tile, with huge sunglasses right in the center. It seems like it was showing a cutaway view of a house with psychedelic colors.

For some reason, my mind wants to think it was an issue of "Wired" from early 1997 or so but I don't know why that's sticking out. I've looked at the covers and none of them are it, but it's definitely in the same style (not this, but very close).
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Sunglasses and a house on the cover?? Do you recall any of the article contents?
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Popular Science and Popular Mechanics sometimes had/have similar covers to Wired and they were mainstream enough to be waiting room fodder.
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I know it sounds weird, but that's the best I remember. I don't remember any of its contents at all. I was young and the only thing that held my attention was the cover. I don't know that it was a house, but for some reason I recall a chimney. I figured maybe it was Wired talking about home networking or something. It was very surreal.

I don't think it was Popular Science or Popular Mechanics, but I'll look into them. I didn't figure it would be Wired either, since that is a bit..not waiting-room-y, but it's the first thing that came to mind.

The tiling was more pink and green than blue and I think the logo was either white or dark blue. There weren't many words on the cover.

Yes, this is a crapshoot. Darn my memory.
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Omni perhaps? They usually had cool covers.
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I'd guess Omni, too. Or Mondo?
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Oh, Omni is so close it hurts. Nailed the style. I've not seen the one I remember, though. Seems like the one I'm thinking of was published later.

I don't think it was Mondo, though. The logo and cover are too busy.

Thanks so far, everyone. These are great magazines.
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Utne Reader?
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What city or state were you in? Might it have been a local or regional magazine?
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I live/d in a small rural town in Virginia. I don't think it was local. I've looked around to see if it was still tucked away somewhere before, but to no avail.

It doesn't seem to be Utne Reader, either.

But darn if Omni didn't feel like it hit right on the spot. I read the name, clicked the link and thought "That's it!" but it doesn't appear to be so.

To my mind's eye, what I'm thinking of looks like a mix between Omni and mid-90s Wired covers. It was very kitschy.

I know, all this is irrelevant when I can't remember what the logo looked like.
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I looked up Wired covers till 1999, and can't find any reference to the house/chimney and sunglasses. Have a look.
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I have looked through those, but thank you.
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Any change it was a book instead of a magazine. Look at this Weetzie Bat cover. It's a young adult book and was part of a series.
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That is an *awesome* cover but I do not believe it was a book. I pretty strongly remember it being broad and flat, like a magazine.

For some reason I want to say it had an adult business-y focus, like networking or finance or something. I don't think it was a magazine for children.
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Have you considered contacting that Dr office and asking what subscriptions they carried?
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