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How could I export a Access Database to an ini file?

I need to create an ini file from a database.

The column titles would be the items and the ID number would be the group.

Any ideas on how to do this?
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You might need to be a bit clearer.

ini files look like

prop=string|int|other value
prop=string|int|other value

So what does a row map to ? What's your DB look like ? (Or, what are you trying to do that you'd want to try this ?)..
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Are you sure you don't just want it in a CSV (Comma seperated values)?
Then you would just have rows of data, with fields seperated by a delimiter(a comma).
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You can't. Export it to a csv and write a script that will put it in whatever weirdo format you like. ini for database? ugh.
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Yea it has to be an ini file:



and so on.
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The only other way would *maybe* be to write a report... otherwise you are looking at writing custom VBA code to do the export, or an external script as damn dirty ape suggests.
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The normal way to do this would be to write a VBA function that creates the file and loops through the database table, printing each row as you describe. VBA handles creating and writing files quite nicely. If you don't know VBA, I don't think there's a nice easy option for generating the file.
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