Where to study French in Boston/Camberville as an adult learner?
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I'm looking for someplace to study French in the Boston area (I live in Somerville near Davis, but am at least willing to consider anything that's transit-accessible.) Adult learner, just for fun, looking for something reasonably inexpensive.

I know that CCAE, the French Library (really pricey! yikes), and BLI are all options, as well as local community colleges and universities, but I'm interested in hearing from people similar to my profile who've studied language in the area (even if it wasn't necessarily French) and what their experiences were like. CCAE would probably be ideal due to location if the quality of instruction was good, but their spring term just started and I don't want to have to wait for the next round. I am tentatively planning to visit a friend in Montreal this summer and I would prefer that my French be good enough by that time that I can hold conversations without forcing Francophones to immediately switch to English with me.

Price is a serious consideration, as this is purely for my own edification. Due to some quirks in my linguistic background I would probably be coming in at a low-intermediate level--I'm pretty wired for language acquisition, I studied some French in high school many years ago and retain more of it than I often expect, and I also speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently... so, my pain points would mostly be the few bits of grammar and vocabulary that French doesn't share with Ibero-Romance languages, and pronunciation. I expect I'd be bored in an intro class once I had finished reviewing the handful of things I needed to review, so I'm not really sure what level I should pursue, or where.

Any and all suggestions appreciated. Merci!
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My experience (this was before I spent any serious time in France, some years ago): CCAE had a more serious group than the French Library. That made a world of difference.

Are there any people in town who would do an exchange, like one might find in Paris? They help you with French and you help them with English? Check the consulate for a bulletin board perhaps? Ask at isbos.org?
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I took a CCAE Italian class a few years ago (commuting from up by Tufts) and it was phenomenal and affordable. Not ideal, but perhaps waiting for their next term by using LiveMocha (which is amazing & free) would be an option?
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Oh, and I meant to add - if CCAE's spring term really only just started, and you're good with language, any chance you can jump in immediately and just do extra work in the next few weeks to make up the time lost? I believe you'd be able to contact the instructor through their admin office to see how feasible they might find this option, if you're game.
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