What was this megamix album?
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I can't for the life of me remember the name of a particular megamix/mashup album/artist. I remember that the first track sounded like it started with the helicopter sound from the beginning of one of the 'Another Brick..' tracks from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', then it either sampled 'Little Fluffy Clouds' or used sampled the same interview. Closer to the end of the album 'Your Song' was mixed in. Any ideas? I believe the artist also had an album featuring mostly Flaming Lips mixes. Both were available free on his website.
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Best answer: Ah-ha! Found it by googling 'flaming lips mashup albums'


Apologies for the quick self-resolution!
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Best answer: The album was 'Into the Great Unknown'
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I can see my work here is done. o_O

actually, I'm glad you posted it-- good accidental recommendation. ;)
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