Is this a real Kellogg & Co gold coin
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How can I determine whether I have a valuable coin identical to this but unfortunately set as a medallion, or whether I just have a cheap medallion?

pictures and more info: Kellogg coin?
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Best answer: Well, if it's a true Double Eagle, it should weigh a ton. Also, the striations on the surface look like they were produced by a machine-made polisher on a surface that isn't gold. My two cents... if you'll pardon the pun.
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Best answer: I'm no numismatist, but it looks like an imitation to me. Look closely at the details in the face, especially the eyes and mouth. Also the hair in your medallion isn't nearly as detailed while the stars are much more defined. The scalloping (?) around the circumference isn't the same, and, though it's hard to tell, the fonts in the date seem different, too.

But as C_D mentioned, the real giveaway would be the weight. A quarter weighs 5.7 grams, and the coin in question weighs 33.4 grams, so it should weigh more than 5 quarters if it's real.
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Best answer: If you open up both the links and place them next to each other, then really study the two coins, you'll see a ton of differences, for instance her nose and forehead, the hair hanging down the back of her neck, the curls at the back of the top of her head, etc.
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Best answer: Oh, and I see the site you linked shows that there are at least 4 varieties of this coin, and the other one pictured has some significant differences in the facial features, so my little "analysis" could be completely specious. Bottom line: bust out your diet scale and get a-weighin'.
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Best answer: The engraving on the face of your coin has different proportions and details than the Kellogg -- I don't see how a valid coin could have a missing eyebrow, a noticeably thicker nose and slope to the chin, and such less delicate lines in the hair. Your version looks like something a guy in California would have thought witty to wear to the disco circa 1973.
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Best answer: I'm not a coin collector but: 1) The Kellogg name on the original has a bigger amount of space between the name and the hair; 2) Her hair in front is much more detailed on the original; 3) Her curls on your coin are much more organized and groomed than the original; 4) Her nose is much straighter in the original; 5) The stars surrounding her face in your coin are much more consistent with each other. I personally think that you have a replica.

And what everyone else said.
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Response by poster: OK, it is definitely fake. I can't believe I got my hopes up, I need to stop watching antiques roadshow. Thanks for the keen detective work.
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How is every answer the Best Answer? Will you mark mine as Best next?
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rhapsodie, have you not noticed the "What do 'best answers' mean?" box when you view an AskMe thread you've started? It states, "It is ok to mark more than one, if they helped answer the question for you..."
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