Environmental Education Curriculum?
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Environmental Education Curriculum?

This question got sent to a small listserv I'm on, and I thought y'all might have some ideas to share.

We are putting together a new outreach and education program for kids here in Madre de Dios Peru. Our program will first be used here in the field and at the research station I'm working at (http://www.amazonconservation.org/ourwork/research_cicra.html), but our aim is to eventually use this same curriculum (or one very
similar) in towns and cities in the region.

Do you have any good activities and/or resources for env outreach and education on hand? While actual activities, articles, etc would be best, links to websites would also be great--anything in English or Spanish is equally helpful. Internet is pretty slow out here so doing online research is challenging –your help is very much appreciated!!!
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I've gotten lost for hours just pursuing links from NAAEE - it is a tremendously useful website, and may help you formulate your guidelines in setting up the programs you want.

Within the NAAEE site there is EE-Link, a network of environmental education sites - tons of useful info. This resource page from within EE-Link contains lesson plans (sorted by age groups), and links to other useful sites. I do not know if they are all the same links, but there is also a resource page in Spanish.

Setting up EE programs is fun - and wonderful. Good luck with your program!
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll pass that along.
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Also Google up resources for "experiential education" and "outdoor education" - there's a lot of overlap.

Nature's Classroom, a fivve-day residential EE where I used to work, has a curriculum guide for field study. What might be even better is to give them a call and ask to talk to someone familiar with programming about suggestions and recommendations. MeMail me if you need a contact name.
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