Resume help : how to express my (slightly) complicated work experiences
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In need of resume help. Abridged version : I worked for Company A, and then Company A split into two companies, Company B and Company C. Company A no longer exists. How do I list this on my resume?

Non-abridged version :

After college, I got a job at as a Web Weveloper. After a couple of years, I was promoted to Lead Developer. Later, the people who ran decided to launch a second website,, and create a "parent" company called Xyzzy Media to run and I worked on both websites. A few years after I left the company, Xyzzy Media split into two separate companies, making and legally "independent." Xyzzy Media no longer exists.

So, to recap :

1) I held two different positions at : Web Developer and Lead Developer.
2) I held one position at Xyzzy Media : Lead Developer
3) I worked on both and
4) and are somewhat prominent, so I would prefer to list and as my former employers, as opposed to Xyzzy Media which nobody ever heard of and doesn't even exist anymore

How in the world do I list my work experiences on a resume?

Assume that I want to use the traditional resume format, where I list my work experiences sequentially.
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I might use Xyzzy Media as a header, and then as subheaders list foobar and quux and the the various tasks you did for them, respectively.

I did something similar for a consulting gig I had, where I worked for one parent company but different organizations for different contracted tasks.
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Response by poster: (Web Weveloper = Web Developer)
(no, I am not Elmer Fudd)
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You could say

"Company A for [period]"

"Company B, a successor firm to Company A for [period]"

Or something along those lines.

But the term "successor firm" generally refers to the situation in which one company is no longer extant, but parts of it have been spun off into new corporate entities.
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Listing yourself as being at and would be lying. Don't do it. We don't care where you worked, we care what you did. List accomplishments related to the high profile sites.

MM/YY-MM/YY Xyzzy Media: Lead Developer
Description of position
-Delivered site design that led to quantifiable result X
-Delivered site design that led to quantifiable result Y

MM/YY-MM/YY Lead Developer
Description of position

MM/YY-MM/YY Web Developer
Description of position
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Lead Developer - May 2005 - Feb 2009 - Xyzzy Media(formerly Foobar Corp.) and Starting as a Web Developer, did X work on, blah blah, promoted to Lead Developer primarily due to work on the Blixen project.
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It is standard to list the title you currently/last held at a company, unless you switch to a completely unrelated role, and then detail applicable experience from your entire time at the company. So you can just list Lead Developer.

As far as the company, I like what theora55 did with the (formerly Foobar Corp.) If someone questions what that means, you can explain it when they ask.
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(Assume Xyzzy Media is created in 2007)

Lead Developer, 2005-2007
Did all sorts of great stuff for this innovative web property...

Lead Developer, 2007-2009
As a Lead Designer at Xyzzy Media, continued to incentivize the wigets at while also creating synergies and new paradigms at by blah blah blah
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I worked at several startups that changed their names or where acquired. "... at Amazing New Co. (formerly Amazing Old Co.)" is a standard way to convey that. I frequently see similar on resumes.
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Here is how I would do it, and how I do do it since I worked at multiple positions within the same company (although there was no name change) (formerly Xyzzy Media) 2005-2009
- Lead Developer 2007-2009
- - Description
- Web Developer 2005-2009
- - Description

I think you want your whole period of employment dates shown together as one so people can easily see that you we're changing companies. A lot of companies value staying power.
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