Is there a way to pre-load apps you like during windows startup into RAM?
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Is there a way to pre-load apps you like during windows startup into RAM?

I have XP Pro SP2 and I want to have firefox in memory when windows loads up, to increase performance. I can get through regedit fine. How can I do this?
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If you add Firefox to your startup apps, I believe XP will start including it in the boot prefetch process.

Windows XP prefetching works both at boot-time and at program launch time. It generates profiles that the Windows defragger will use to put all the required DLLs next to the executables on disk, so a defrag supposedly will help. I've never seen any data proving how much it helps though.
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Why don't you just put it into your startup folder, so it is loaded when you log in?
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I think he wants them loaded up even before you log in.
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While this isn't a general solution, the MinimizeToTray extension has a "turbo" option that will let you pre-load Firefox to the system tray at windows startup.
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Use XP's hibernate feature and just keep apps open. Then you have the added benifit of having insanely fast startup, too.
You only need to actually reboot once & a while (for me, about every week, but I beat my system into the ground) to clear RAM.
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This knowledgebase article on Increasing startup speed mentions that "Firefox does not have a Quick Launch feature similar to that for the Mozilla Suite. However, a third-party utility called Firefox Preloader is available."
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Is there a general way to preload any .exe file to your memory? See, I am using a 2.8 celeron laptop: It's like having a V8 with a clogged air filter and restricted exhaust. On the other hand, I have 768MB of RAM which definately helps.
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