Where to buy chilled/refrigerated lockers in US?
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Where can I buy a set of refrigerated lockers?

This product from New Zealand is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, but I'd rather buy domestically.
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If you need something more exactly like your link, you might have to get something custom-built. If you can find the right company (and I don't know how to suggest finding one), they can probably build something not-too-expensively for what you are getting. Food service companies have all kinds of modular pieces that they might be able to combine for you. It is almost like home cabinet building- pick a box, pick a door and they put it together.

You also might check some laboratory supply catalogs. Check out Grainger, they have all sorts of things.

Also, try emailing the NZ company and ask them if they have a suggestion.
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Could you get a more standard refrigerator and put lockers/lockboxes inside it?
Or modularize: several 'cube' fridges with locks, a la hotel minibar.
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