Cheap, waterproof and digital
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Going to S. America in four weeks and will be doing some white water rafting. I'd like to find a waterproof digital camera...

Cheap is key. Even disposable, if they make such things. I've looked into enclosures for my Minolta, but think that'd be too risky. This is only a small part of the trip but I want to be able to document it, and don't care much about high res while in the water. Gracias in advance, amigos.
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It may be hard to find but the Sony Cybershot U60 is one option.

Also, many of the major manufacturers make diving housings for their cameras, so that's another option.
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Why not buy a waterproof single use film camera, and digitize the prints?
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The underwater disposables aren't great underwater (not enough light), but they do the trick if you just need waterproof. Not very expensive either ($10), compared to the ridiculous cost of waterproof enclosures for a digital ($200+).
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I would skip bringing a camera unless you are willing to have it attached to your body with something very secure while you are rafting. The likelihood of you and everything else getting unexpectedly flung out of the raft are pretty high.

Also, a lot of rafting companies take pictures and sell you a photo CD at the end of the trip, might want to find out if that's a possibility.

If they don't, i'd second the digitise-a-disposable suggestion above. You'll be a lot less upset if it gets leaky or lost.
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