What's the story behind a UK license plate with only digits?
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What's the story behind a UK license plate with only digits?

I just saw a newish car (certainly not a classic) with a black number plate with silver letters. The number didn't follow any UK numbering conventions, instead just had five digits, for example 51744. What's the story?
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According to Wikipedia:
a) "Older British plates had white, grey or silver characters on a black background. This style of plate was phased out in 1972, and is now legal to be carried only on vehicles built prior to 1 January 1973."

b) The numbers only thing is a bit complicated, but there're details here.
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You can buy personalised numberplates in the UK. You have to register the plate officially to your car, and there can only be one of each, but they don't necessarily have to follow the convention used to automatically assign registration numbers to new cars.
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And, same Wiki article:
Guernsey plates consist of up to six digits, with no letters. Plates may be either silver on a black background, or black on the white/yellow backgrounds as in the UK.
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Ah yes, looks like a Guernsey plate then.
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