Another Lost Movie
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Another lost movie. Last seen 1973 in Europe, presumably made that year or slightly earlier (it may never have reached America). Setting: Britain (mostly London?) Pre WWI and just after. Cast: Attractive, British, youthful. No big names that I recall. General themes: I think- women's rights, problems of romance & politics, the pity of war. Two scenes vividly remembered: Young man appreciatively watching a woman on stage, she singing con brio "Votes for women, votes for women, la de da de da da dee!" Final scene young woman sitting in an art gallery post WW1 watching with emotion some "modern" art. I think her young man has died in the war. Scenes less well remembered (VERY POSSIBLY misremembered) generic love scene, generic romantic argument, suffragettes being run in by the police, young man getting a fleeing suffragette out of the way. A UK production, more art house than mass release, but wonderful atmosphere, which is probably why it sticks in my mind all these years later.
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Sorry, this doesn't seem to be it, but it's the only thing I could find that was close to your description: "Shoulder to Shoulder", a 1974 BBC miniseries. Here's a NYTimes summary.
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No, but thank you for looking. Looks interesting in its own right. Believe me, if this were easy I would have found it a long time ago. Well, may be not.
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Women in Love?
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Sounds like "Testament of Youth" , based on the diaries of Vera Brittain. It was a BBC series but may well have been abridged into a movie for the US market.
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Not women in love, but good guess. Nor Testament of Youth. Again, I saw it in a theater in Europe.
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On rethinking this- could it have been Women In Love (which I know I have seen, probably at around that time)? Could I really have excised the wrestling scene from the others? Now I have to check it out.

Again, thanks
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