How does one revert to an old Greasemonkey Script?
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Is there any way to revert back to an old version of a Greasemonkey script?

In particular, I'd like to go back to the last version of Plutor's Scroll Tag Script. The current one isn't working for me, in that if I go to one of the threads which shows all comments as new and scroll to the bottom, then go back to the front page, that thread now has no new comments, but a different one (which used to have no new comments) now has all comments showing as new.

Here are some screen shots taken the other day over the span of about 30 seconds, in order: 1 2 3

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On the Source Code tab of the userscript page, there's a link to previous versions. You can copy the text of any of those, then Edit the current script you have in Firefox (I use OS X, so it's under Tools > Add-ons > User Scripts, but it might be somewhere else in other operating systems) and paste the text in.
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Best answer: (Or, now that I actually look at it, you can just click an "install" link for each of the previous versions so you don't even need to do any hand-editing! I've been keeping old copies around in case they disappear and doing it by hand for so long that I never even noticed.)
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