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Simple question: Where do I got to find short( 8'-20') lengths of SCH 80 steel pipe in nyc?
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8-20 feet isn't all that short...
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I believe SCH 40 pipe is made in 30' lengths. So 20 feet is long, not short.

Anyway when I was looking for pipe, in San Francisco, I called a few steel suppliers, until I found one that could deliver to my house. These guys seem like the sort of place who might either be be able to do it, or know who could.
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Response by poster: Sorry I mean I need 16' total. I will be chopping it into 3" lengths. I'm willing to buy a 20' stick if I have to but I'm not looking for construction site quantities of steel. So someone willing to sell me just 16' or 20' of steel is what I'm looking for.
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Most local independent hardware stores carry up to NPS 3/4 (about 1" OD) and can order more. I'll bet Lowes or Home Depot could get it, though I generally try to avoid them as the "help" there is universally worthless. :\

Does it have to be specifically SCH80 pipe or are you just looking for steel to build something with? Call around to welding shops, especially since you want 3" pieces you can probably pick up scraps on the cheap.
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Response by poster: Need schedule 80 to get enough of a bite with a set screw and a few other designery reasons. Has to be schedule 80.
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You need to talk to contractors, they may be able to order you a piece in tacked onto a larger order, or you need to talk to piping supply people. Sorry, I've got no specific contacts in NYC.

You have not specified the size, but small bore (up to 2") is usually in stock at XS, because when we thread it, we spec sch. 80. (XS=SCH 80 up to and including 8")
Pipe generally comes in 20' random length. Also, you do not specify grade. Is A53 gr. B black pipe all you need, or do you need seamless (more expensive)?

Also, you say gas pipe in your title..are you kidding or will you be running (possibly hazardous/flammable) gas through this line?

NYC Pipe Supply
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No idea if this is helpful, but McMaster-Carr sells it online if you want to go that route. Shipping might be expensive, though.
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In the grip end of the film business, we use Schedule 40 and "speedrail" pipe all the time. I'm betting a rental house like Kits and Expendables on the West side might at least be able to tell you where they get theirs....
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Set screws work great on schedule 40. I built my bed out of schedule 40 pipe and kee klamps joints, which use set screws.
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Metropolitan Lumber on 11 Ave between 45 and 46
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