Need website examples to sell my condo
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I want to set up a website for a condo I'd like to sell, with photos and all the information. Can you point me to some websites I could use for inspiration? Thanks!
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Best answer: Squarespace has some pretty good basic templates/examples that are pretty easily customized from what I understand.
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Response by poster: Thank you, these are great for the visuals.

What I also need though is to find out the kind of information that I should put up there, and the specific kind of photos.

The websites I have in mind are usually named after the address, eg.
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Best answer: We've been doing some reno, so we've been looking at a lot of listing photos for inspiration. Here are some observations/recommendations from that:

- CLEAN UP. Your clutter does not make your place "charming".
- Don't photograph it empty.
- Take pictures on a sunny day when there's maximum light. Open your curtains.
- Don't do that fisheye thing.
- Include all the rooms. If I see a room on the floor plan without a picture, it makes me think there's a reason for it, and it's not a good one.
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Response by poster: I'm afraid it's completely empty. It was gutted and renovated and is all white and plain as can be. I won't be able to bring in furnishings just for the pictures, it's too inconvenient, unfortunately.
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Best answer: A lot of <address>.com sites are built using real estate listing sites like and . They're worth checking out for details to include in your site. (Or, if you like their format, just use their tools to build your own site.)
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Best answer: 61 Hidden Cove is a nice looking real estate page. You might find some inspiration there.

Whenever I look at houses, I want lots of pictures. Make sure the rooms are neat (which should be easy if they're empty). It really is nice when they are lived in but neat.
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Response by poster: Really helpful answers, thank you all so much!

If anyone has more links to individual properties like backwards guitar posted, please pass them on.
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Best answer: A single-family house for sale site. I love that it has so much information (including a survey and floor plan!) but would promptly ditch the auto-start "talking head" in the corner.
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