Custom Rolled Smokes in Austin
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What's the name of the place that recently opened up in Austin that allows you to roll a carton's worth of cigarettes for some ridiculously cheap price?

It's on South Congress or South First, I think, and it's fairly new. You go in and say, "I want something that tastes like Camel" and they mix up the tobacco and show you how to use the machine. Apparently because YOU put the tobacco in their machine the store is able to skirt a majority of cigarette taxes. I read about it, or maybe I saw it on local news (?!), but I never caught the name.

Searching for anything having to do with inexpensive tobacco is singularly useless. Might as well be searching for viagra.

I was talking to someone about this, and they didn't think it exists, and then I couldn't find it and now I wonder if I dreamt the whole thing.
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Best answer: Ciggy Shack!
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Response by poster: Boom!
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