Help us find the right "Somewhere over the rainbow" song
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Looking for Somwhere Over the Rainbow song that has the prelude lyrics with it.

We are looking for a Somewhere over the rainbow song on i-tunes so we can download it, but we want to hear the singer sing the prelude song part. Not many people know there are other words that are sung before you sing........"Somewhere over the...." If you guys know any artist that has sung the prelude part and then the song, please let us know. It would be even better if it's on i-tunes, because that is where we go to download.


P.S. We did find a version of it from Sam Harris, who was a contestant on a singing show years ago. But we are kind of looking for a female singer. We are trying to find this because our 7 year old daughter will be singing it at recital and we want to hear someone else sing it. Thanks.
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Best answer: Jewel did it that way on her Lullaby album.
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Also Katharine McPhee performed it this way on the Idol finale when she won.
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Katharine McPhee did the full version on American Idol (YouTube). You might be able to find it on iTunes.
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Jane Monheit's version is on iTunes. It's the one that's about 6:42 long, and the part you want to hear is actually in the iTunes sample.
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I'll listen to the track on my laptop later tonight to verify, but I think this should be available on e-music. I just purchased The Wizard of Oz: The Deluxe Edition soundtrack with all the outtakes and alternate versions from them last month. 82 tracks for only $5.99.
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So, I just checked and oddly enough the version with prelude is not on the deluxe soundtrack. Was that in the movie or something added later?
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Don Potter.
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Trying to find a recording of Judy Garland doing the prelude (which she did only one time on live radio) I found the wiki for the song. It lists many of the artists who have covered the song over the years
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