[Toronto Filter] Looking for a downtown restaurant with a private dining room or lounge for 20 people. Any ideas?
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[Toronto Filter] Looking for a downtown restaurant with a private dining room or lounge for 20 people. Any ideas?

It's fallen to me to coordinate Friday night gathering for ~20 people after a business function. Some will be in town from Europe and the UK, some will be coming from as close as Hamilton, a few live in the GTA. When I've been there I've enjoyed eating out at Queen Mother and Beer Bistro but neither seems right for this occasion (Beer Bistro might, but I find it very loud and was looking for a place where the guests can converse easily). Any ideas are much appreciated.
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Beer Bistro actually has a private back room. I've been to a birthday party there and it was totally fine.
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The Terroni (flash interface) location on Adelaide has private rooms that can be requested, including a lower level that can take up to 50 people. I've never been to the downstairs room, but one of the side rooms has a big table that should accommodate 20 people.
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The only problem with Terroni is that it's Terroni. Their service is wretched and contemptuous of customers.

If a pub is acceptable for this type of event, C'est What on Front has a private room (and many yummy beers on tap), though a Friday evening reservation could be tricky. The Fionn MacCools on St. Clair just west of Yonge has a back room with lots of seating that they will reserve for you. It stays quiet compared to the rest of the bar. Despite the corporate name, I find that Fionn MacCools has excellent food and a reasonably authentic atmosphere.
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If you're looking for something upscale for 20 people, the private rooms at Adega are simply gorgeous. It's Portuguese seafood.
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Barberians has private rooms. http://www.barberians.com/
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Cafe Taste will let you book the whole place - there is no charge for the booking, but there is a minimun purchase amount your party will have to buy. Nice place, they will make you a custom menu if you like - it's mainly a wine and cheese bar, and the staff are crazy knowledgeable about wine, which can be really fun.
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Splendido has a room in the basement which is really nice. Excellent service. Will cost quite a bit.
Red's downtown has a room overlooking Adelaide.
Yuzu has a room upstairs that might suit.
Biff's has a room in the back.

Sorta depends on your budget!
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