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What are some resources for finding jobs in Beijing, China?

I'm planning on moving to Beijing, China after I graduate from undergrad in May. I've found some smaller job listings and classified sites, some of which I'm skeptical of, but I was wondering if anyone knew of anything more substantial or reliable.

I'm not interested in teaching English and I can speak Mandarin.
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If you arent interested in teaching English, then I would suggest you work your guanxi, otherwise I would apply for a multinational in the US that also has offices there and hope that you get very very lucky.
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Most of the recent graduates I know here in Beijing who have gotten jobs have found them after they've arrived in the city and have networked for a few months. My sense is that it's pretty tough to find a job (other than teaching English, of course) from the United States. Also, you should spend time thinking about your other-than-language skills. There are lots of people in Beijing who speak Mandarin, so for many positions, that's simply table stakes. You'll need to show why you're a great Mandarin-speaking programmer, or Mandarin-speaking copy editor, etc., in order to make much headway. Good luck. Drop me a Me-mail if you'd like to chat offline.
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If you are interested in pursuing something with American multinationals, I would suggest that you try to locate a copy of "American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries" by Uniworld Business Publications. It's often found in university business libraries and in the business section of good public libraries. Volumes 2 and 3 list US companies by the countries where they have operations. It also includes contact information, and is broken down by sector as well.

You can also purchase a country-specific list directly from Uniworld, see (search the directory by country).
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(two very popular English websites for expats in Beijing)

Besides English teaching, "English polishing" (correcting translating English writing) jobs are probably easiest to get.

If you can read Chinese, you can check out,
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