Summer intern housing in Chicago
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My intern needs summer housing somewhere on the north side of Chicago. He is a single college junior and I am paying him peanuts, so it has to be cheap. Rogers Park/Andersonville/Edgewater would be ideal. Any suggestions?
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Sorry folks I edited the 'Chicago' part right out of my own headline. Lesson: never post before coffee. Again, apologies.
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Check the Reader and Craig's List.

Also, Hyde Park has really cheap summer sublets because (1) most of the students leave for the summer; and (2) nobody wants to live in Hyde Park. In particular, he might try calling the Regents' Park building, which is a pretty nice building.
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I'd also contact local colleges and see if they have either any residence hall rooms available for the summer or if they've got listings for their students who live off campus and need summer sublets.
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Hyde Park, of course, is on the South Side, but Evanston might work for the same reasons.
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[added "Chicago" to the post]
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several of the local Uni's subsidize housing in apartments in the neighborhoods, too (i know there are such units in my building in the gold coast), so your intern can try that in addition to the residence halls.

if you or the intern has a free afternoon, i'd walk around the various schools in the loop (Kent, JMLS, columbia) because their message boards are stuffed full of sublets, group apartments losing a single roommate for the summer &c. it's a lot of legwork, but there it is. loyola has some ads for sublets and roommates online

hyde park is too far from andersonville, but then, you knew that.
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I live in North Center and rent there is quite cheap. It's just south of lincoln square (also good rent prices). North Center is pretty boring, and only comes on some maps but it is indeed a neighborhood, i know because it has one of those neighborhood markers.
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Sorry -- I didn't realize the job is in Andersonville. The post doesn't say that, but it does say "north side," so forget Hyde Park.

I second North Center / Liconln Square / Roscoe Village. Cheaper than Lakeview and Southport, but close enough to walk to those neighborhoods and other stuff. Good El access on the Brown Line--at least until they shut it down for construction.

Still, if you are just looking for a summer sublet, contacting the schools is the way to go.
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Send him home and hire me. I'm already in andersonville with housing and could use a few peanuts.
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Just to do a follow on for anyone else who is looking for housing. I called the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (his school is a member) and they said they can arrange for a room through their urban studies center. Looks like the kid will have a roof over his head.

Thanks for the suggestions.

As a followup: does anyone know if Loyola has an equivalent to
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