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How do I convert a word pro file (*.lwp) to something that MS-word understands?

I have recieved a word pro file from someone. Alas, I can't read it neither find any utility that can.
I really need to get at the contents of the file quickly. I have of course asked the person for a copy of the file in a more common format, but this could take forever. And we wantss it, precious, we wantsss it.
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I've used this in the past open some unusual formats in my exclusively MS environment.

Good luck
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1) Go to eBay and buy a copy of Lotus Suite, real cheap.

If you're in a hurry:

2) QuickView Plus will let you read the file, and it offers a trial version.
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Downloaded QuickView Plus. It works fine, and even lets you copy the text to clipboard.
yclipse, you saved the day. Thanks!
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