Problem with HP 3600n Color Laserjet Printer
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My computer was running increasingly slow, so I after trying various fixes (defragmenting, CCleanup, Malware, Antivirus, removing old files and programs), it was suggested I reinstall Windows, which I did. Its original speed has returned.

I have two printers; an HP4 Plus and an HP3600n. The HP4 Plus installed with no problem. But the 3600n will not install. I went to the HP website and downloaded the driver, and the PC recognized and updated the driver. At first, seemed the PC recognized the USB connection for the 3600n because I hear the Windows sound that says it does. But Plug and Play doesn't add the printer. And when I've tried to manually installing the printer and change the port connections to Generic IEEE through Add Hardware, no luck. I don't see how to add a USB port so the computer will see the printer. Can anyone help?
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I am not familiar with that particular printer, but is it possible that it has firmware that needs to be updated to work with current drivers?
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Try downloading the full installer from here (this is the link for XP, there is a separate driver for Visa/Win 7). Run this and see if it makes a difference.
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Do other USB items work? You may need to update your USB controllers.
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You might need to find updated drivers for your computer's chipset. Those drivers usually include your motherboard's USB controller.
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Windows has some pretty good troubleshooting steps built in, you should try those.
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HP makes uniformly disastrous printer drivers and worse installers. If an HP printer driver installer has gone wrong, it generally takes me an hour of fartarsing about with the registry to make it go right again. Given that you've only just reinstalled Windows and are still in the process of re-establishing your computing environment, the fastest way I know of to deal with busted HP printing is to re-do the Windows installation again and start fresh. Then follow these instructions to the letter, including all the stupidity about turning off antivirus. Do not skip steps. Assume that the HP driver installer is your implacable enemy. Give it no chance to fuck you over. Because it only needs half a chance.
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And yes, you should definitely make sure that all your mobo drivers are installed and up to date before even attempting the printer install.
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