What is the best cellphone for the elderly?
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What is the best cellphone for my grandparents?

I would like to give my Grandmother a cellphone to keep in her purse for emergency use. She will not be using the phone for casual conversation, but instead would use the phone to place 911 calls or emergency calls to a family member. I would prefer simplicity and large buttons. The service will be in North Carolina, USA. I have searched and found only the not-available-in-the-US LG phone and the Firefly. I would prefer a phone with an actual number, and not simply a 911 only phone.
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Sorry, I realize this in no way answers your question, but upon seeing the simple LG phone and Firefly, I just wanted to show you the apex of simple cell phones:

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Lots of answers here two months ago. Two months does allow new features to come out, but this will give you a starting point.
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I'm 47. I got a new phone when I signed a new contract in January. After trying every phone available from the 5 nationwide carriers I finally settled on a Nokia 6225 because it was the easiest to read and dial and was free. I've since sold it because it was nearly useless out in the bright lights of the real world. I've gone back to my Late Cretaceous (c. 1999) Motorola StarTac, which I heartily recommend to any other geezers - the (monochrome) screen is very bright, the text is huge, and the buttons are well spaced. You can pick one up on eBay for bubkis and there are both CDMA and GSM versions. Plus they're built like tanks; I've abused mine terribly and it's still ticking. No camera, no ringtones, no wallpapers, games, blinking lights, etc. though, which is like whack, but, you know, whatever.
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Fionab, thanks for the link! That's alot of good information. Thanks Timefactor, I might just get that 6225 for myself and replace my hateful motorola v600.
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