Anyway to get one Google Voice account to play nicely with two phones using VoIP?
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Two LG Optimus Android Phones. One Google Voice account. Anyway to get both phones to play nicely using sipdroid & GV as the outbound & inbound calling method?

I used these instructions on the first phone, and it works like a charm. However, when I try to do it on the second phone, I don't wanna make a NEW server (and even if I did, they wouldn't let me change what account it was associated to). I want to have it access the old one. I tried changing all of the settings I could find 'till they were the same between the two phones, and still no dice.

Anyone out there gotten this (or something that achieves the same results - using one google voice number to mostly transparently ring an Android VoIP number) to work?

Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Oh, and I should point out that I have almost NO experiance with VoIP beyond using Vonage a few years ago. Never run Asterisk or anything like that.
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Response by poster: Hmmm... Given the lack of answers, can someone at least confirm that this is not a workable solution?
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Best answer: OK, I've figured it out! At, there's a setting under the SIP extension for Device Options. Sipdroid creates a random 8 digit alphanumeric password. THIS needs to be carried over to the second instance of Sipdroid. I had been using my GV password in Sipdroid's configuration. So... problem solved!
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