I need a new weekly planner and notebook.
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Help me find a new weekly planner/agenda book.

Ok, I was using a "planner" for work and to help me organize my life. The one I was using was a cheap version that was nothing special, but did the job. It fell out of the car while I was getting out yesterday and got soaked and is now ruined. I went to the store that I purchased it, but they didn't have any left (already into March). So I need a new one.

This is what I am looking for: nothing too fancy or complex. I really would prefer to have a weekly layout, with all of the days of the week on one page (if possible). My old one was something like this without the spiral coil. We use a computer program at work that keeps track of our hourly appointments that is much more detailed, so I use this one for the basics and I therefore don't lead a lot of space. I am looking for something affordable and possibly something I would buy online. I am not looking for a pocketsize book, yet I don't need something 8.5x11 either. I have been reading up on the Moleskine products, I read something about their covers and cancer warnings in California (not sure how I feel about that).

Bonus points for also recommendations of a simple coil bound notebook/pad I could use. I also carry around with me a spiral bound note pad (spiral coil on the left hand side) that I use for writing lists, taking notes, etc. The one I use now is from Walmart and is fine, but I would like to class it up a bit as I tote it around with me. I like ones that are "lined".

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?
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I use a DayRunner that has a week spread across the two pages when it's open. They also have business notebooks/journals. Check out the links and see if any of these might work.
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A Planner Pad!

Reminds me to order!
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This is another option that spreads a week across two pages.
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It may be easy to worry, but the cancer thing is likely such a load of hysteria. If it were a real risk, then surely governments across the world would have responded. That only one government in one state of one country has felt the need to do so something suggests that the concern must be overstated. One hears every few days that x causes cancer—only to hear that it wasn't true, or it is only a cancer risk if you eat hundreds of slices of burnt toast a week. Not choosing a product based simply on a fear that there that it might make you 0.00000000001% more likely to get cancer is not rational.

To answer your second question, I love Rhodia pads. The paper is fantastic and they have quite fetching orange covers. Would this suit your needs?
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I'm a big fan of Little Otsu planners, and they're "dateless" so you can start it on any date of the year. Unfortunately, none of their current designs seems to have the week all on one page.
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I am a big fan of the At-A-Glance line. My current favorite is the 7602 0511.
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The Circa Weekly Planner from Levenger might be suitable, although it's a 2-page-per-week setup rather than 1.
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I have a mini moleskin that has the week on the left page and a basically blank page on the right hand page with space to write in whatever i choose..been using this style of calendar for two years and will basically not ever change as long as I have access to the moleskins...
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