Where to buy e-cigarette supplies in San Francisco?
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Where to buy e-cigarette supplies in San Francisco?

My boyfriend started using one of those e-cigarettes a few months ago and usually orders the nicotine fluid (the stuff that produces the "smoke", which is really just vapor) online. He just realized he'll run out of what he currently has this weekend, when we'll be in San Francisco, so the question is: Where can he get this stuff in the city? Obviously there is no shortage of smoke shops there, but do they sell this kind of stuff? No idea here since this is, like I said, a relatively new thing for him.
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Yes, smoke shops sell that stuff here. I was just standing outside one this past weekend and noticing the large neon "e-cig" sign in the window.
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This doesn't answer the local question (which I would love to know the answer to), but there are a few online outlets that provide expedited shipping. Mike & Carol's has a next day shipping option. It's dekang, which people either love or refuse on non-domestic-we-don't-know-what's-in-it principle. I don't know if your BF's a strictly US-juice buyer. Vaperite has a priority option now (tasty, organic but expensive juice). I'm sure there are more; has he looked at ECF?

If he's really in a bind, PM me. I don't know if he'd like any of the flavors I have, but I've got some unopened juice I'd be happy to sell him at cost. I'm in SF.
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Vaporden seems to be a mail-order e-cig operation based in Berkeley with a pick-up-in-person operation and a phone number so you can (if they answer) speak to someone immediately (instead of waiting anxiously for an email reply). They claim to ship quickly if you'd rather have it arrive at your hotel.

This is the SFBay Area sub-forum on ECF. You can also go throu this list of supplies looking for one which is "US, West Coast" and see if there is another based in SF. I spent a few minutes and did not find one but only checked a fraction of them.
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What gingerbeer said - we were standing outside the same smoke shop, the one on Haight next to Kate's Kitchen.
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Oh, Haight at Fillmore.
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I don't know about SF generally or particular smoke shops specifically, but in my city and the next nearest city there are quite a few smoke shops that sell electronic cigarettes but they only carry overpriced starter-kits of an out-dated model. Maybe some prefilled cartridges. But no up-to-date parts or bottles of liquid (which is what the OP's SO is needing). Unless there's a confirmed sighting of liquid-by-the-bottle I wouldn't count on being able to walk in anywhere and find it.
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If push comes to shove, he can go to 7-11 and buy one of their cheapo E-cigs for $25 - it will come with enough cartridges to last him until he can order the stuff he really wants and then can use the cheapo as a travel backup for other trips.
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