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Best blogs and other reading materials for social science graduate students/academics?

I'm looking for blogs/books/etc. on navigating the graduate school process:

- How to evaluate research topics
- Publication strategy
- How to structure papers
- How to make the most of graduate school
- Career strategy
- Etc.

- Cool trends in research in economics, psychology, sociology, etc. especially as they relate to technology.

I know this is the type of tacit knowledge people pick up from their advisors and colleagues (and some is very discipline-specific), but please throw anything and everything at me that might help. I know there are also a zillion books on Amazon about "How to do a PhD", and I can't tell which ones are the best ones -- any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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you want "research confidential" edited by eszter hargittai. you would also like her posts at crooked timber.
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Some technical stuff doing research, writing dissertations, etc at Academic Productivity
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Getting what you came for
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nthing Crooked Timber.

Check out previous AskMeFi questions about grad school advice, such as this one.

Academic Chic for women.
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