who can program my keyless remote
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I bought a keyless remote for my car on the internet. But I can't seem to program it. Who can I pay to do this? Do you have experience with Best Buy installation?

I have a 1998 camry. I bought an aftermarket keyless remote to replace a broken one. I tried, and failed, to program it. I'm willing to pay someone to do it, but dealerships won't program a non-Toyota remote (which would cost about $100 plus install of another $100). Since my car is old and I don't use it daily, I'm reluctant to spend a ton of money on this. The dealership told me that Best Buy could do it - are they reliable for tasks like these? Should I try a car stereo shop? Other ideas? I'm in DC. Thanks, MeFites!
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I'd phone a few places that specifically deal with and install them. I'm not sure where you live, but I've noticed a lot of places ( remote starter ) springing up in the last few years where I live. Explain your situation and ask if they could do it and at what price. Have the make and model number ready in case they ask. They might understand that you don't want to spend a lot of money ( because of the year of the Camry and having bought it online) and do it. It never hurts to call and ask. The worst they can say is no. But they might say yes.
No, I have no experience with Best Buy installing one.
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I'd try joining, searching, and posting a question to a car forum (in that order). camryforums.com is the first one that came up in my web search. Include as much detail as you possibly can about the type of remote and where you purchased it from. Odds are that someone has experience with a similar remote.
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When I said.... "I'd phone a few places that specifically deal with and install them." I meant remote starters, not your exact brand. I didn't make that very clear.
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Have you tried asking the place you bought it from? If they can't help you themselves they might know who can. When I bought a replacement keyless remote from eBay the seller advertised programming support if you had problems.

I'm surprised your dealer would send you to Best Buy, but maybe there's a particular guy at the particular Best Buy in your area who knows this kind of remote? I'd call ahead to BB and ask. I assume BB wouldn't charge you money if the programming fails, and given that you don't have a working remote it's not like they could break anything, right?
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Not to derail but I'm not surprised the dealer wouldn't touch this. I work in the service department of a car dealer and we don't go near anything aftermarket (particularly if it's related to electrical components); there's just too much room for error and the liability is huge.

Personally, I suggest Best Buy to many customers for aftermarket audio systems and keyless remote systems. Myer-Emco used to be the go-to for this thing in the DC area until they went out of business last year. Here are a couple aftermarket shops in the area that do leather, sunroof, car alarm, and audio/navigation system installations for us:


Not sure if they can take care of the remote for you but thought I'd throw it out there as a lead.
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