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I'm feeling down, and need to talk to someone, preferably someone non-judgmental and doesn't know me. Any suggestions besides a suicide hotline?

I've never seriously contemplated suicide, so it seems like an inappropriate way of getting feelings off my chest. I'd like to try someone besides a friend - I don't want them to judge me negatively. And I don't want to impose on them at the moment. Who can I talk to? What's an easy way to tell a stranger my trivial problems?

Sorry if there's been similar questions, but I have no idea what would be the right keyword for this.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Are you working? Sometimes Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) offer this type of service for free.

Also, what is your location? Other posters may be able to provide information on low-cost or local counseling services.
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search for "warmline" and your state
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Best answer: I've never seriously contemplated suicide, so it seems like an inappropriate way of getting feelings off my chest.

Just so you know, I volunteer at a suicide hotline and we get non-suicidal people calling fairly often (in fact, I'd say nearly half of our callers are not suicidal, and many never have been). We're always happy to listen and no one will be dismissive of your issues or angry at you for calling.

If you're worried about clogging up the phones, try calling at an unpopular hour - say, early afternoon rather than the middle of the night.

Of course, you specified not a suicide hotline, but I figured I'd respond to that line of your post.
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If you can afford therapy, that would be a perfect venue to bring up these issues.
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Not sure where you are, but if you are UK-based (or happy calling long-distance)London Nightline does exactly this. You are supposed to be a London student to use it but they don't ask or check.
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You could try reddit's Suicide Watch subreddit. I've heard great things.
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I will add that you are talking to us now. If you wanted to ask a more specific question about something that is bothering you, that is also possible.
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If you're feeling depressed, you can always post at crazyboards. The people there are pretty good at listening, and they have a chat room.
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I'm stuck sick at home today, feel free to contact me if you want.
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Do you have something like Community Mental Health where you are? Once some years ago when I was pretty crazy (but not suicidal) I went to the ER; they eventually moved me along to Community Mental Health where I got to talk to a counselor for awhile. And then the crisis was past and I went home.
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I don't know where you're located, but around here there are a lot of resources available through the state university. Maybe check out what's available in your area if you have a large university nearby.
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I've been suicidal in the past, but am pretty content with life at the moment. If you want to chat, send me an email.
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feel free to memail me, too. i'm off to bed in a bit but i'll check my mail in the morning. i'll be happy to respond if you'd like, or if you just need an ear, i can just acknowledge that your note was received and good luck. whatever you need.

i am not a therapist or trained in any way. just paying forward a similar favor that was done for me a long time ago.

if i don't hear from you by morning, i hope you've found someone you can talk to and that it gives you the peace you're looking for. good luck.
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Chiming in with the same response as tacodave, StrikeTheViol and thinking woman. I'm off to bed now, but feel free to MeMail me if you want a sounding board.
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Response by poster: thanks for the suggestions, and especially to those who offered to listen. It means a lot to me to know that people can sympathize enough to even offer their phone numbers. :)

I didn't end up calling anyone on Monday, since it seemed that I couldn't begin putting my sadness into words that day. It's empowering to realize that there are resources and caring strangers out there, however.
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