Very Weird Video
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What on Earth is going on with this video of a woman on a pink bed in her jammies making creepy symbols and signs?
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Did you see this link? It explains a little bit about the videos history but not what the woman is doing.
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It seems like it should be a viral promo for a movie about a cult of some sort. I get a real "Heaven's Gate" feeling from her. Or perhaps it's just a clinical study of a woman with Tardive Dyskinesia. The lighting setup looks professional (I wonder if this happened on the set where the porn actress mentioned in that link works? It looks like a porn set from the 70s or 80s.)
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I don't know but I do think I know who will be starring in my next nightmare. Send an email to the poster?
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At first it looked like she was watching Sit and Be Fit and working out with it. But then when she starts patting her face, it looks like someone seeing themselves on a TV monitor for the first time. Whatever it is, it's funny as heck and oddly compelling.
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Heaven's Gate? I've never understood the unenthusiastic response to this film.
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Best answer: She appears to be performing hand mudras, but I have never seen it done in such a creepy way.
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I'm wondering if she was listening to some music and making the movements in response, but the music has been edited out of the video. I know I've done similar things to music, though not while being recorded in a well-lit environment.
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Heaven's Gate? I've never understood the unenthusiastic response to this film.

I think TochterAusElysium was referring to the cult of the same name.
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Some of the "weird" and "creepy" goes away if you mute it.
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The link sadtomato provided suggested that it might be some kind of exercise tape, and that's what it looked like to me. Exercise for the fingers and face before bedtime - a bit extreme, yeah but some people have elaborate bedtime rituals.
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