Help me ditch firefox (untill 4 comes out and is better than chrome).
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Is there a Chrome extension that mimics the functionality of the BBcodeXtra firefox extension?

I am soooo close to being able to fully switch to chrome as my default browser on OSX. The one thing that keeps me jumping back into firefox is the really useful BBcodeXtra extension. Which allows you to quickly modify text into BBcode and html. (The make selected URL section is a godsend!). I have not however found anything similar for chrome. Anyone know of anything? Or anything similar or better?
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My searches came up inconclusive. I am wagering that there isn't one, and if there is, it's not good enough for people to be using it or spreading it. It seems multiple people on many different forums have asked for the same thing, and no one has been able to provide a positive result.

That means someone can start creating one! Get Started Creating Google Chrome Extensions
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(Disclosure: I work for Mozilla as a Firefox developer.)

Since your title says "until 4 comes out," I thought you might like to know that Firefox 4 is done! You can download the release candidate now. No more changes are planned before the release: Assuming no unexpected critical bugs are found, that is the exact code that we will release as Firefox 4.0 sometime in the next week or so.
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