I don't want to shoot the piano player, just recording him
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Help me convince my electric piano (Yamaha P60) to play nice with my computer.

We have a Yamaha P60 piano, on which blue tadpole is learning to play. I'd like to use the midi interface to simply record and playback what is played on the keyboard through a computer. I've secured a MIDI-USB cable and tried to connect to a Ubuntu netbook, but I couldn't get much past installing Jack (and get nothing out of it, because I can't figure out how to configure it and what else i need)). Whatever help I find online is confusing and/or out of date. Any advice on how to reach my modest goal? For whatever its worth, I also have a XP laptop, so advice along these line is welcome too. I'll gladly provide more details to helpful mefites willing to help work this through. I usually like to work through these tech issues on my own, but right now I'm just stumped.
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Response by poster: And of course, the headline should read "....just record him"
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The Linux Musicians forum is a friendly and helpful place if no one responds here.

I just use Ardour for audio recording in Linux--I'm not hip to the world of MIDI on Linux so I can't offer you more than that.
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