Redlining Word Docs
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Redlining microsoft word documents?

Hi all,

I'm looking for the ability to redline and compare Microsoft Word documents, in a manner similar to's Deltaview - but... free/opensource please! I don't want to pay the $99 annual fee for Deltaview.

Any recommendations as to the best free, stable, secure software?
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You know Word itself has that kind of feature built in, yes? Writer can also do something similar.
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For future commenters, "redlining" apparently means a diff.
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Here are three different ways to do it. If you do a google search for "diff two word documents" you'll find many more.
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you really want to get comfortable doing this with MS Word's own legal blackline feature.

It is really good ... in many ways better than delatview, and widely available and accepted.

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Textflow @
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Ooh, thanks for this question. I use DeltaView at work but also didn't want to buy it. Came in to say that in OpenOffice the option is under Edit, Compare. I don't use Word at home, but can someone in the know post how it's done in Word?
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Yes, absolutely just use Word's built in feature. It's part of the "review" toolbar. You can compare or combine and it shows the changes using track changes. Easy!
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