Where can I find background music?
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What music could I put as background for a movie of children's interviews?

I'm making a short movie that consists of a bunch of kids telling what they know about the Jewish holiday Purim. The movie cuts from kid to kid, piecing together their sentences into a narrative.

The thing is, without any background music its a bit dry. I have no idea what type of music to put in, much less where to find it. It needs to be instrumental and it should have a happy theme to it. (Purim is very jolly holiday)

Any one know any good any good resources for background music? Or, ay suggestions for songs?

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Django Reinhardt? Pixar is very fond of using his music as accompaniment to their shorts.
posted by jamaro at 5:19 PM on March 11, 2011

My first thought was this from Arrested Development.
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What you want is klezmer!
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Yes, klezmer is the right answer.

Django Reinhardt has a similar feel and would generally be good background for interviews with children, but you might as well go with the music that's actually Jewish.
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Royalty Free Klezmer!

Even though this is for your own use, I'm guessing, please don't use someone else's music without permission.
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Allow me to recommend anything by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. It not just makes lovely background music to anything but children seem to love the Cafe's amusing, unique, soothingly repetitive compositions. Try the tracks Beanfields, Telephone and Rubber Band, or Music for A Found Harmonium for a starter. These've always made us very happy! Website here.
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Best answer: henry scobie is right about Pengin Cafe Orchestra being awesome, happy background music.

But I think this calls for some Herb Alpert. So What's New seems appropriate.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much everyone. I ended up using "So What's New" and the movie turned out great!
posted by grimace636 at 10:01 PM on March 11, 2011

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